Premium Quality racking solution Rack Expert Engineering We deliver high quality products to our clients.

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Display Racks

As a rack expert in Pakistan, we specialize in crafting display racks solutions that harmonize with contemporary aesthetics while prioritizing functionality and space efficiency. My designs ensure durability and enhance customer engagement for an optimal shopping experience.

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Steel Rack

Stainless Steel Rack can be used for multiple purposes such as industrial storage and display, in warehouses, workshops, in automotive industry. Being a rack expert in Pakistan we customize our racks according to the clients need.



Super Store Rack

Super Store Rack is a versatile and durable shelving solution designed to optimize space and organization in retail environments. Its robust construction and customizable features make it ideal for displaying a wide range of products efficiently.

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Mart Rack

Mart Rack is a sleek and innovative shelving system that revolutionizes retail displays. With its modern design and adjustable configurations, it offers a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, enhancing the shopping experience for both customers and businesses alike.


Warehouse Rack

Transform your warehouse with premium rack solutions from Pakistan’s leading rack experts, optimizing space and efficiency for seamless storage management. Elevate your storage game with style and expertise.

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Ready Made Rack

Discover the expertise of rack expert in Pakistan with our ready-made rack solutions. Elevate your storage game effortlessly and efficiently with our innovative designs made-to-order to meet your needs.

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About Us

Premium Quality racking solution Rack Expert Engineering We deliver high quality products to our clients. About us Our Best Products Previous Next Why Choose Us Customized Solutions We at Rack Expert Engineering are strive to deliver reliable storage solution as per customer actual needs.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on being a full-service solutions provider, meaning that we can handle every aspect of your racking and shelving project. Our services include:

Engineering and Design

Rack Expert engineers take into account layout, inventory characteristics, and material handling requirements. Clearly defining the design requirements allows REB to develop the ideal solution as well as provide alternative solutions based on our client's budget and time frame.

Project Management

The project Manager is the single point of contact for each project from conception to the final walk-through. They develop and maintain a detailed schedule for all phases, providing weekly status reports and managing all subcontractors and freight.


Rack Expert Engineering maintains certified installers across the US that are highly skilled in warehouse rack, shelving, conveyor, mezzanine installation, configuration, reconfiguration, additions and alterations.

Rack Repair

Racks undergo on-site repairs facilitated by a specialized rack lifting jack engineered by the manufacturer, ensuring minimal unloading is required. These repair procedures strictly adhere to ANSI/RMI rack standards, ensuring safety and efficiency throughout the process.

Rack Safety Assessments

REB offers a creative solution to help companies comply with ANSI/RMI rack standards. Through our assessment process, we produce detailed scope drawings that highlight damage locations, types, and criticality, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhanced safety.



At Rack Expert Engineering, we’re the leading rack expert in Pakistan, offering unmatched technical expertise, custom-tailored solutions, and commitment to quality. Our seasoned professionals bring extensive knowledge of various rack types and materials, ensuring optimal performance and durability. We work closely with clients to understand their unique needs and design customized rack solutions that maximize efficiency and safety. With a focus on quality assurance, professional installation, compliance with regulations, and ongoing support, we guarantee reliable rack systems that elevate storage and organization capabilities. Choose us as your trusted rack expert in Pakistan for a seamless experience and exceptional results.

As a rack expert in Pakistan we used best and most efficient material for our products according to customer demand and need for the project.

We cover a wide range of racks, including storage racks, chemical storage racks, warehouse racks, retail display racks, and super store rack, industrial rack, medical rack, being rack expert in Pakistan we design or customized it according to our clients.

Yes, we provide tips, best practices, and maintenance guidelines to help you prolong the lifespan and optimize the performance of your racks.

Rack expert in Pakistan provides guidelines and tools to help you calculate the optimal rack size based on factors such as space availability, weight capacity, and item dimensions.

Absolutely! Rack Expert in Pakistan offers insights into efficient warehouse rack configurations, inventory management strategies, and space utilization techniques to maximize productivity.