Oil Ghee Racks

Introducing our Premium Product

Oil and Ghee Racks are comprised of two sturdy pillars connected with a wall-backed sheet, a liver, and two partitioned shelves. These racks, designed to hold Oil Containers, are available in various sizes and load capacities. Prior to delivery, our professionals rigorously test these stands against a range of parameters to ensure quality.

We offer an extensive range of Customized Steel Racks, specifically tailored for Oil and Ghee storage. Crafted using high-quality assured components and modern technology, these racks are presented to our clients in various sizes, designs, and specifications to meet their diverse requirements.

To accommodate the weight of heavy items, we utilize medium-duty racks with four pillars and beams, designed to withstand bulk loads. Particularly suitable for storing Oil, Ghee, and pet bottle cartons, these racks are crucial and highly valued for any retail shop. It’s important to note that they are available in various sizes, colors, and styles, allowing you to choose the one that aligns with your preferences and meets your expectations.


Rack n Racks, renowned rack expert in Pakistan, are esteemed suppliers of an extensive range of industrial and commercial storage racks and material handling equipment nationwide. Established in 2014, the company prioritizes the use of high-quality materials and handling equipment, catering to various industrial, commercial, private, and public sectors across the country. Committed to providing comprehensive support, Rack n Racks believes that every sale and project, regardless of size or value, deserves total assistance from the planning phase through to excellent after-sales services.

The Regular Model is acknowledged for its quality and contemporary display patterns, aligning seamlessly with the evolving trends in today’s upcoming retail and departmental stores. While the conventional association with clinical merchandising often revolves around drugs displayed in cases, on tables, or end caps, it is crucial to recognize that Racks should be a core aspect of any merchandising strategy. These racks stand out as the most common and preferred means of exhibiting a vast inventory of products.